Manage Your Investment Portfolio In A Free Google Spreadsheet.


Portfolio Sheet is a free 30+ tab Google spreadsheet template to help you manage your financial investments. Below are instructions to copy the spreadsheet to your Google account so you can check it out as well as a list of spreadsheet features.

Copy Sheet To Your Google Account

On a desktop computer, click the link below to go to Google. On the page that appears, click the blue make a copy button to copy the latest version of the free sheet to your Google account. Once copied and loaded, follow the Setup and Quick Start guide in the Help window that loads in the right side of your browser.

Click Here


Comprehensive spreadsheet to help you manage your financial investments.
Organized into over 30 sheet tabs.
Support for unlimited accounts, symbols & transactions.
Automated market data updates from multiple sources.
Over 50 columns of market data to help track your stocks.
Price target email alerts.
User and community stock ratings.
Automatic processing of transactions.
Multiple accounting and cost basis methods including
Cost Basis, Average Basis, FIFO, LIFO, Specific Shares.
Automatic tracking of short and long term shares, gains & losses.
Estimates of taxes owed on short and long capital gains.
Dashboard with over 15 charts of sheet data.
Automatic account history/chart.
Crowd shared transactions and rankings.
News feeds, quotes, historical data, charts, watchlists & more.
Automated sheet updates and backups.
Auto retrieve dividends.
All currency formats supported.
Change styles sheet wide.
Over 30,000 lines of custom Google apps script coding.
Over 400 customization settings.
Fast, easy and free registration expands feature set.
Access to live text and voice chat room with customized StockBot.
Extensive help documentation & online support.

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